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Algebra;0;8th - Mrs A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
11/24/2020 Chapter 4 Test prep

Pages 271-274, Review pages at the end of CH. 4.  Do all odds (omit section 4.6).

Use this to study for your test tomorrow. We will correct them before the test, so write down your questions if you have them!

11/20/2020 4-5 and 4-7

p.247: 1-20 and p.265: 3-11

11/17/2020 Slope Equation

P.239, 1-16 (We will correct at the beginning of double Science on Tuesday.)

Page 240, 24-32 will be due Wednesday.


11/12/2020 Equation forms

MAKE CORRECTIONS ON YOUR Goggle Doc quiz from today.  See your google docs for your grade.  I tried to highlight comments for you in yellow.

11/10/2020 Practice changing formulas

Use the following equations to change form standard form (AX+ BY = C) to slope=intercept form (y=mx + b).  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GRAPH THEM...(yet).  : )

11/6/2020 Linear Algebra

Page 219; 15-25 and page 229; 4-15.

11/4/2020 Linear Algebra graphing

READ section 4-2. IMPORTANT.  Do p.214, 1-14

11/3/2020 Linear Algebra graphing

Page 209; 1-17 and page 2100; 24 and 27

10/30/2020 Cumulative Review

Cumulative Review : Page 202, Left hand column.  Also, p.203, numbers 46, 47  and 48 Due Friday.

10/27/2020 Equation Test

Equation Test Tomorrow (Study page 197 problems in Algebra text).


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