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Language Development;0;K - Z Mailloux

Due Date Assignment Description
2/28/2021 Review of all consonats

Try to think of a word for each letter of the alphabet. Can you think of a word that ends with a b, c, d, f, g,h etc? 

2/28/2021 Vowels

Practice sounding out CVC words and stretching out the word to identify the vowel in the middle. Try to spell the word and then switch the vowel, does it make a new word? or a nonsense word? 

11/20/2020 Initial sound of F and G

Students have been working on identifying letters F and G. Think of a few words for each of these letters, challenge your child and have them think of words with the ending sound of F and G.

11/6/2020 Initial sounds of K and J

Can you think of 5 words for the letter sound of K and J. Be careful sometimes C words sound like the sound of K. For the letter J can you think of some months that start with that sound? Can you think of any foods with the sound of J or K? 

10/15/2020 Initial Sounds of letters B, H, M

Practice thinking of words for the letters B, H and M. How many can you think of? Can you think of any words that end with this letter sound? Any color words or days of the week? 

9/30/2020 Sound of letter T and S

In phonics, we have practice writing and identifying the sound of letter T and S. Practice writing uppercase and lowercase T and S. Think of words that have the initial sound of T or S. Can you think of 3 words that end with T or S? 


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