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Mathematics Development;0;K - Z Mailloux

Due Date Assignment Description
2/17/2021 Subtraction Problems

Write a subtraction sentence, then think of a story to match the math sentence. What is the difference? If subtraction is the opposite of addition, can you think of an addition sentence to match the subtraction sentence? 

For example - 12 - 6 = 6 -  I saw 12 birds sitting on a branch, 6 of them flew away and 6 stayed on the branch. I see 6 birds on one tree and 6 more fly to join them, there are 12 sitting on the branch now. 

11/30/2020 Addition - 3 ways

Tell your child a simple math sentence and then write an addition sentence, 3 ways. 1st with words,  2nd 2ith + = and last in vertical + and ____

Here is an example I saw 5 birds and 3 squirrels sitting in a tree. 

1)  5 and 3 is 8

2)  5+3= 8


 3)       5

      +  3





11/21/2020 Addition

Practice joining two sets of objects; Have your child think of a math sentence for the two sets.....3 apples and 2 oranges is 5 pieces of fruit


11/14/2020 Patterns

Look around your house, do you see patterns anywhere? Maybe in the tiles on the floor? Or on a quilt or a blanket. Make different patterns using objects in your toybox. Can you make an AB pattern? An AABB, an ABC, an AAB, any others. Remember patterns must have a repeating part. 

10/31/2020 Making sets different ways

Last week we worked on number bonds - students were asked to make as many combinations for sets of 5, 6, 7, and 8 using two different colored cubes/counters. This skill will help us prepare for addition. Work on this at home. For example for the number 8. 

4 red and 4 blue make 8        2 red and 6 blue make 8        3 red and 5 blue make 8 

1 red and 7 blue make 8         5 red and 3 blue make 8        6 red and 2 blue make 8 etc. 



10/24/2020 Counting and writing numbers in sequence

Practice counting from 1-100, students are having a hard time transitioning from 49 to 50, 69-70 etc. Also practice writing numbers in sequence from 1-30. Students should always write numbers by starting at the top and resting them on the line. If your child does not like to write they can make numbers with playdoh to help with fine motor skills. 

10/9/2020 Identifying Position of Objects

Practice identifying things that are over, under, on, between, to the right, to the left, behind, before, inside, outside. 

9/30/2020 Sorting and classifying objects

In math we are learning the importance of sorting. Look around your house and find things that are sorted. In your kitchen explore how dishes/utensils etc are sorted into the cabinets. Have your child help sort the hamper to prepare for laundry. Where else are things sorted and put away? 

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