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Mathematics Development;0;K - Mrs Z Mailloux

Due Date Assignment Description
10/31/2019 Patterns

Make a sound pattern. Think of animals that would live on a farm. Make a pattern, try to continue the pattern. What type of pattern is it? Make an AAB pattern, an AB pattern, an ABC pattern. Practice patterns. 

10/22/2019 Sorting and Classifying

Look around your kitchen, check the drawers and cabinets. Can you find items that are sorted? How are they sorted? Look in your bedroom. Check if your clothes are sorted in the drawers? What is it important to sort things? 

9/30/2019 Left and Right

Identify your right and left hand. Then look for things on the left of a room, to the left your bed, to the right of your kitchen table. 

9/20/2019 Positional words

Students are learning about positional words. Ask them to identify the left/right, top, bottom, middle, 1st, last, something in between, above, below, under, over, inside, outside etc.

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