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Mathematics;0;6th - Mrs A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
11/24/2020 Patterns

P.149 (your text); 10-31

11/20/2020 Variables and expressions

P.146; 1-20 and p.147; 21-24

11/12/2020 Equation Forms

MAKE CORRECTIONS ON YOUR Goggle Doc quiz from today.  See your google docs for your grade.  I tried to highlight comments for you in yellow.

11/12/2020 Division practice

Do IXL grade 6, sections C.3 , C.5 Try ten of each if you can.

GRADE 6, ALSO do C.6, 10 problems.

11/6/2020 more division fun

Page 99; 8-15 and age 131;21-24

11/5/2020 Division Quiz

Study for Division Quiz on Friday.

11/4/2020 Division

page 99; 3-7 and page 1313; 13-20

11/3/2020 1 and 2 digit division

Page 95, 17-24 and page 131; 9-12

10/28/2020 Multiplication Test

Study for Multiplication test (Chapter 3) on Wednesday.

10/23/2020 Ch.3 Quiz

Study for Ch.3 Quiz on multiplication and exponents.

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