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Religion;0;K - Z Mailloux

Due Date Assignment Description
2/28/2021 Sacred Heart School is Special

Think of 5 reasons why Sacred Heart School is special. 


2/15/2021 Prayers

Practice saying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Angel of God. 

11/30/2020 I AM THANKFUL

We will be discussing all the things we are thankful for. Student will understand that their are people in our neighborhoods, cities, country that do not have nice things like we do. To identify the difference between needs and wants. Students will list things we are grateful for. 

11/14/2020 All Souls Day

Explain any traditions you may have for All Souls day. Do you visit the cemetery? Do you light candles or put flowers on the grave of loved ones? Remind your child that we pray for deceased members of our family to help them get into heaven. If they are in heaven then they are a saint. We too can become saints if we live a good life on earth and follow God's rules. 

10/31/2020 Hail Mary

Practice saying the Hail Mary during the month of October. We are praying the rosary in class and I can tell that they do need some practice. 

10/15/2020 Angel of God

This week we started saying the Guardian Angel prayer. Practice this prayer with your child at bedtime. 

9/9/2020 Family Picture

Please send in a family picture. We are talking about families this week in religion and your child will be sharing their family picture with the class. Please send it in by Wednesday. Thank you! 

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