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Science-Health;0;5th - A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
1/28/2021 Chemistry

Due THURSDAY: Finish Element Bio presentation and poster.

1/25/2021 Elements

Work on your element research project. Make sure you look at the research.  The project will be due TUESDAY, 1/26.

1/12/2021 Elements

Study element quiz #1

1/6/2021 Elements


1/5/2021 Elements

Beginning Chemistry Unit.  Earth Science Text, Chapter 2-1: Read and begin a word list.

12/4/2020 Cell City

Work on your poster. Due Friday.

12/1/2020 Cell Organelles

Read section 2-4 and add to word list.

11/24/2020 Cells

2.2: pages 40-41. Read and add tp Word List.  Do 1-5 on p.41

11/18/2020 5 Senses Test

Five senses test on Wednesday.

You may use word list for the first page!

11/12/2020 Nose Video

I sent a video about the sense of smell to your Sacred Hear domain emails.  Watch it, take notes, add to your word lists.  Make sure you have your 5 Senses word list on Thursday! 

Here is the video.  Just seeing of you can get it this way!

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