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Science-Health;0;6th - Mrs A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
11/24/2020 Cells

2.2: pages 40-41. Read and add tp Word List.  Do 1-5 on p.41

11/18/2020 5 Senses Test

Five senses test on Wednesday.

You may use word list for the first page!

11/12/2020 Nose Video

I sent a video about the sense of smell to your Sacred Hear domain emails.  Watch it, take notes, add to your word lists.  Make sure you have your 5 Senses word list on Thursday! 


Here is the video, just seeing if you can get it this way!

11/10/2020 Taste areas of the tongue research

Research whether all people taste sweet, salty, bitter and sour in the exact same places on their tongues.  Write your answer in your science notebook.

11/9/2020 Taste Bud Lab

Over the weekend, fill out the Taste Detection Lab packet and do the experiment on pages 426-7 in your text. We will share the results on Monday.

11/5/2020 ASL and the ear

ASL learn to spell a "mystery" word to share with the class on Thursday.

10/30/2020 The BIG Idea

Read pages 436-437.  Look at all of the pictures. Then, in your science notebooks, tell what is your favorite art form and how you use your senses to enjoy it!  1-2 paragraphs. Due Friday.

10/28/2020 Braille

Finish writing your name in Braille and choose a word to write that we can share in class!

10/22/2020 The Nose

Look for sense of smell edpuzzle in your school domain emails.  Try to send me the answers. This is an experiment, so don't worry if you have trouble sending it!

10/21/2020 Eyes and Ears

Add 18-5 and 18-6 to your word lists (Eyes and Ears).  Word List Quiz (WLQ) tomorrow.

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