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Science-Health;0;8th - A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
2/9/2021 CH.19

For TUESDAY: read 19-2 and 19-3, add to Word List.  Word list quiz on Wednesday.

1/29/2021 EMS Project

Do research on your assigned electromagnetic spectrum section.  Rubric to follow.

1/26/2021 EMS

Ch.19-1: read and add to WL.

1/21/2021 Chapter 20

Study chapter 20-1 to 20-8 for review on Thursday and test on Friday.

1/7/2021 Electricity

1.) Work on Static electricity "Magic Trick" presentation due Friday (either video or in person demo-touched only by you). See rubric on Google docs that I sent before vacation.

2.) Background reading: Chapter 20: sections 20-4, 20-5 and 20-6. Read and add to Word List. DUE THURSDAY.  (NOTE: On the lesson plan this is broken up between Tuesday and Wednesday.)

1/5/2021 20-3

Read about insulators and conductors.  Add to Word list and do 1-8 on page 435

12/15/2020 Chapter 20 Electricity

Read 20-1: pages 427-429 and do 1-6 on 429. Add to WL


DUE FRIDAY:  Send your videos to Mrs. Forbes' email so she can show them on the smart board.

Also due is your 30 second "commercial"!

12/4/2020 Rube Goldbergs

Work on Plan due Friday.

12/1/2020 Rube

Work on Rube Goldberg...we will be doing research on Tuesday, 12/1(The project is not due on 12/1!)

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