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Science-Health;0;8th - Mrs A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
11/24/2020 Rube Goldberg Rubric

Take a look at the rubric and think about ideas for your design. Take some notes or make some sketches to help you if you need to.  We will work on ideas in class. We are aiming for these to be done Thurs. Dec. 3rd.  Let's see how far we get this week. : ) 


Student-generated simple machine assessments on Thursday on Google Docs!

11/12/2020 Simple Machine Presentations

Simple Machine Presentations start Thursday!  Finish up and make sure your packet is complete!

11/10/2020 Simple Machine Co-op learning

Read the section that you have been assigned (15-3, 15-4 or 15-5).  Remember in your lesson presentation you must

1. TEACH the topic

2. Demo an example of your "machine"

3. Create a ten question "assessment"

11/10/2020 Simple Machine Project

Project packet due.

11/4/2020 Simple Machines

Read 15-1 p.312 and 15-2, p. 314.  Read and add to WL.

10/28/2020 Newton's Laws 2 and 3

Read 13-5 and 13- 6 in text. Add to word List.  (Test will be on Friday 10/30/2020). 

10/21/2020 Motion Test corrections

Motion Test corrections due tomorrow.  Find page and paragraph where correct answer can be found.

10/20/2020 Science test

Test on sections 13-1 to 13-3.  No word lists used this time!

10/19/2020 Ch. 13 Motion

Text 273; 1-7,  275; 1-7 and 277; 1-7 DUE MONDAY 10/19

Chapter 13 test on sections 1 - 3 will be on TUESDAY.

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