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Science;0;K - Z Mailloux

Due Date Assignment Description
1/31/2021 Sink and Float

Next time you are in the bathtub, take a few items and predict if they will sink or float. Were you right? 

11/30/2020 Animal Habitats

Identify different animals - to identify the animals that would live in that habitat and what the weather would be like. How would you dress if you lived in the arctic? the rainforest? the desert? etc 

10/31/2020 Senses

Think about how many senses you are using when you are doing an activity. For example when you are eating - you are using your hands for touching, mouth for tasting, nose for smelling the food, eyes for seeing the food and sometimes if you are eating something crunchy you might even hear yourself chewing/biting into the food. How about when you listen to a song? Do your homework? Etc

10/16/2020 Our Senses

When you are doing an activity, think about how many sense you are using at one time. For example when you are eating dinner - you are touching, tasting, seeing and smelling but when you are watching tv you are only seeing and hearing. Why are our senses important? 

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