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Written Language;0;5th - P Forbes

Due Date Assignment Description
1/23/2018 Animal I Know Memoir Write a memoir about an animal you know. Describe the animal in detail. Write about one moment with the animal. Stretch that moment with vivid details.
1/10/2018 What Does Music Mean to Me Essay Final Final
1/5/2018 What Does Music Mean to Me Essay Draft Draft
12/18/2017 Sacred Heart School is Special To Me Final Revise and Edit draft; if possible, type double-spaced; include a title for the memoir, your name and date
12/15/2017 Spelling Test, Unit 4
12/14/2017 Sacred Heart School is Special To Me Memoir Draft Write a one page memoir of Sacred Heart School in your journal; tell a story of why SHS is special to you
12/11/2017 Summer Memoir Publish Summer Memoir in Memoir Book; follow Project Design Outline; each memoir should include a written component and pictures/illustrations to complement the text. You may use original photos and/or original/printed illustrations. You may decorate your Memoir pages with craft items such as stick-on decorations. The Summer Memoir should be designed on two pages of the Memoir Book (this would be p.2 and p.3 of the book as p. 1 is the inside cover page).
12/4/2017 Memoir Book Inside Cover Page Include a title such as Mary's Memoirs, a Table of Contents listing the 5 memoirs-Summer Memoir, Animal I Know Memoir, Place I Visited Memoir, Family Memoir, School Memoir; include a photo/illustration
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