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Science-Health;0;4th - A Smith

Due Date Assignment Description
12/15/2017 Ch. Review page 118; 1-12
12/12/2017 PLants lesson 3 continued (how do plants grow?) read pages 110-113, add to W.L.
12/11/2017 Plants (seeds and spores) read 107-109, add to word list.
12/5/2017 Lesson 2 Read pages 98-101 and add to Word List. Also do 1 and 2 on page 101.
11/29/2017 No homework in Science.
11/28/2017 No class today, firld trip No homework but make sure lesson 1 has been read.
11/27/2017 Begin CH. 4 Plant Unit Read lesson 1. pages 95-97 and start a word list.(You should have at least 10 terms!-so make sure you check the picture captions and diagrams!)
10/30/2017 Begin CH.3 Body Systems Read pages 62-69; begin word list, due WED. (no word list quiz at this time.)
1/1/1900 CH. 1 Word List
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