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P Forbes - About Me

I am a professional educator with qualifications deeply rooted in my experiences as a student in a Catholic school, a parent of children in a Catholic school, and a teacher of forty-five years.

The sisters of Mary Immaculate Academy instilled in me an understanding and appreciation of a Catholic education as well as an academic background that would be my foundation for a lifetime. My years as a parent of children at Saint Dominic School were by far my fondest memories. Memories of Father Geraghty, teachers, friends, picnics, celebrations, school projects, auctions, the Apple Harvest Festival, First Communion, and my husband and father building the Saint Dominic School have touched my heart forever! As a teacher of forty-five years, I have acquired an in-depth knowledge and understanding of education and children. I have been immersed in more than four decades of change and progress, including the use of technology in education. I was presented a silver, heart-shaped momento with the inscription Patricia Forbes/ Forty-three Years of Teaching With Love. My colleagues knew me well. This is what I do - teach with love - from the heart!

It was my greatest wish to teach in a Catholic school, an environment rich in Catholic tradition, academic excellence, and love of God and His children. As I look at my own children, who have their educational and moral foundations rooted in a Catholic school, I see adults that have a life-long love of learning and a desire to contribute as citizens and leaders in our world. My daughter Victoria graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine on May 13th, 2013. She became Dr. Victoria Elizabeth Forbes! She is presently completing her third year as a resident doctor in the University of Connecticut School of Medicine Categorical Residency Program. Upon completion of her residency, Victoria will become Chief Resident and then apply for a three-year fellowship in Oncology/Hematology. Victoria volunteers in a free-clinic one day per week to help others in need. My son Rhett, who posed as Walt Disney in his Saint Dominic years, became the artist. He recently completed his Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Rhett provides design and marketing services to small businesses and startups in Connecticut. He is also the author of—a holistic typography resource that focuses on delivering global concepts first, followed by medium and discipline specific knowledge. My daughter Scarlett is a professional psychologist/counselor. She devotes her time to help others every day. It is my wish to help prepare my students to become productive citizens who will contribute to the world with love and service to others.

I love teaching at Sacred Heart School and being part of the Sacred Heart family. I love teaching and sharing my passion for reading, writing, and learning. I hope to ignite in my students a life-long passion for learning through books and the written word. As an educator I hold the following credentials: a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Master of Science in Reading and Language Arts, and a Master of Science + 36 credits in Literacy; I am a Fellow of the National Writing Project.

I look forward to teaching your children at Sacred Heart School this year!

Please feel free to contact me at school to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

Patricia Joan Forbes
Language Arts/Literature