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It's only been a week and I miss you all so much!   Grades 7/8, I hope you are enjoying the unit on Light in science.  I hope it helps that we have already explored some of this topic on Cosmos.  Grade 5, we have been studying animals, but for now we will explore where that all live and how they interact, among other things.

In Math, just take each section slowly and do your best.  A lot of the material, especially in measurement and geometry, we have seen before.  It's just a little more extensive.  IXL can be a big help.  Also Khan Academy is really good.  If you get lost, sing one of our songs. Hopefully they will make you smile!


Remember to keep good word lists in science and to add to your rule books in math whenever you find a new rule or formula.  When we come back, you will be able to use these as resources for any assessments that we will have.  Don't worry, just have fun learning.


If you miss going to Mass, you may be interested in watching the daily Mass on WCCT tv (channel 11 on xfinity). Today it was Father Gatzak and he gave a great sermon!


Hang in there!  Do your work and wash your hands!  Hopefully we will see each other soon!

God bless you----Mrs. Smith (and Mrs. Frog)











Welcome to science math and music!


This year in Math we will discover all of the places where we can find math in the world around us. Through games and songs and our online practice site, IXL, we will be reinforcing and practicing our basic facts.   We will also explore word problems and ways to make them easier to read and solve.


In Science we will come to realize that SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!  From the weather that affects us everyday, to the physics of motion as we work and play, to the majesty of planets each little star, to learning the beauty of just who we are.


In Music we will come to understand what he meant when St. Augustine said "He who sings prays twice" !  With our hearts and voices we will praise God at Mass and in celebrations during the year.  We will also write and present our annual Musical Drama production.

And as always, in every subject, we will look for and celebrate the wonder and awe of our God who loves us. There is a line from a Christian song that I love that says: "God made a million million doors in this world for his love to come of those doors is YOU!"   Let us each be a door for God's wonder, love and compassion to flow into our world.


So come on in!  All are welcome!
Mrs. Smith