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Welcome to Science, Math and Music!


This year in MATHwe will discover all of the places where we can find math in the world around us. Through games and songs, IXL, and many new really fun websites, we will be reinforcing and practicing our basic facts and explore the many places where we can find math in our daily adventures!

Grade 8 students will be exposed to Algebra 1 in many levels with lots of opportunities for practice and challenges.   


In SCIENCE we will continue to realize that SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!  From the weather that affects us everyday, to the physics of motion as we work and play, to the majesty of planets each little star, to learning the beauty of just who we are.

We will concentrate on increasing our depth of knowledge about science so that we can apply it to the world around us.


MUSIC will have to be very different this year, focusing on listening and learning about the many kinds of music in the world.

And as always, in every subject, we will look for and celebrate the wonder and awe of our God who loves us. There is a line from a Christian song that I love that says: "God made a million million doors in this world for His love to come of those doors is YOU!"   Especially during these challenging times, let us remember that no matter where we are or how far apart we have to be from each other, we are all united in God's love.  Let us each be a door for His wonder, love and compassion to flow into our world.

 So come on in!  All are welcome!

God bless! 

Mrs. Smith