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                                   CLASSROOM NEWS   


                       Friday - Religion Quiz - Review p.173-178
                       Friday - Spelling Test - Unit 31


              On Wednesday, May 3, the children will go to Confession in preparation for First Holy Communion.


               FIRST HOLY COMMUNION, MAY 7:  Please be sure that your child is at Sacred Heart School this Sunday, May 7, at 12:45 P.M.  We will be lining up in the school gym. 


              On Monday, May 8, the 2nd Grade will have their First Holy Communion Party.  The children will dress down and have a Pizza Party at NO COST!!


           Please join us for First Friday Mass and the Crowning of Mary at 9:00 A.M. 

                 Please practice the following prayers with your child:

                                      Our Father

                                      Hail Mary

                                           The Apostles Creed
                                     Act of Contrition 
                                           The Ten Commandments 
                                            The Seven Sacraments 
                                             The Five Steps for a Good Confession
                                        Confession Formula 


                               Monday - ART

                              Tuesday - GYM

                               Wednesday - GYM

                               Thursday - POLISH and MUSIC

                               Friday - LIBRARY