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As the Reading and Language Arts teacher, I hope to develop in my students a lifelong love of reading, writing, learning, and service to others.

This year in Literature students will read and comprehend a variety of genres and develop strategies and skills for thinking critically, creatively, and analytically. Students will be given opportunities to apply and share their learning through project designs such as Book Reports, Book Talks, Biographies, and Open-Mind Puzzles and through engaging in discussion groups such as Literature Circles. Technology will be integrated to enhance comprehension, collect data, and research and present information. Since independent reading is such an integral part of reading success, I am encouraging students to visit the library regularly and bring a novel to class every day.

This year in Language Arts students will write for a variety of purposes and audiences following the writing process and demonstrating an understanding of English structures and conventions. Students will be given opportunities to apply and share their writing through project designs such as Autobiographies, Biographies, Bio-Poems, Short Stories, and Poetry Books. Technology will be integrated into the writing process to produce and publish writing. It would be exciting to invite an author and a designer/illustrator to come into the classroom to share their collaborative process of writing and publishing a children's book!

Sir Isaac Newton once said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". With this in mind, it is my goal to collaborate with our wonderful Middle School teachers and integrate writing and reading across the curricula. One work in progress is the writing of Haiku Poems in my sixth grade writing class for students' clay Expressions created in Mrs. Smith's art class. Come in and see students' creative work on display soon!