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 We had a very busy afternoon and I forgot to send home the homework for this week. I will send it home tomorrow. It will not be due until Monday, October 5. 

Students received a form for FREE PIZZA this Friday. If you wish for your child to receive a free lunch please fill it out the form and return it tomorrow. 


Friday, October 2 - First Friday Mass

Monday, October 5 - bring in a stuffed animal to celebrate St. Francis' Feast Day.  


Page 1 - Follow the directions to sort the apples with letters and numbers. Don't forget to write your name and color all the pictures on the page. 

Page 2 -  Cut out the boxes with the numbers at the bottom of the page, glue them in the appropriate place. Practice identifying numbers before a number, after a number and between 2 numbers. 

Page 3 - Color the pictures, think about what is happening in this story. Cut out the pictures and glue them in sequence. Now look at the pictures and tell a story about them. Use full sentences. 

Page 4-  Practice writing uppercase and lowercase Ss. Remember, all letters must rest on the line. Draw a few pictures of words that start with the letter S. Color the pictures.