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Mrs. Mailloux's Kindergarten Class News 

Hello Parents and Owen, Daniel, Emmanuel James, Klaudia,

Two weeks have passed since I have seen you. I hope you are healthy and having fun with the activities I assigned. I have been keeping busy at home and praying that we can return to class soon. I am going to set up a Zoom meeting for Wednesday at noon. I hope you are able to join in, just click on the link that you will receive in the email. It will be about 30 minutes long. I can't wait to see you! 

I encourage you to read daily on Epic. I have assigned a few books that I want you to read. I get regular updates from the website and see that some of you have not been logging on. I truly believe it will help you to become better readers. I also have assigned a few books that have a quiz at the end, try to take it. If you have any questions, please email me. Please review my page below, I have enclosed more details on how to complete the lessons for this week that I have assigned. More importantly, don't forget to pray daily! Pray in the morning, at meal time, at night. Pray for your family, your school family and all people in the world. I miss you! Send me an email or a note, I want to hear back from you!      Mrs. Mailloux  


Reading /Oral/Visual/Written Link to Epic  - Our Code is lrl4084

Read items in your reading folder, practice spelling my words on the back. Take a spelling test or write a few sentences with the words. Work on your April Calendar. Remember to write the number neatly and also to  answer the questions...what was yesterday? What is today? What will tomorrow be? Use a full sentence. What's the season? The year? Did March leave like a lamb or a lion? 

Religion for this Week 

Seeds are Good - When we plant a seed, the seed must die for the plant to grow. Therefore, this is the sacrifice of the seed. Just like Jesus did for us. Jesus died for us so that we could go to heaven. It was not a pleasant event in his life but He did it because His Father, God wanted him to. God asks us to do things daily, we might not want to do them, they might be things we don't enjoy but we need to listen to God just like Jesus. Link to our science for the next 2 weeks, our pea seed will die and a new plant will grow. Remember our love seed we planted in our hearts on Ash Wednesday? Have you been doing kind things to help it grow? I hope so!                                                                                                    Watch the Parable of the Sower with Holy Tales

 St. Teresa of Avila - Born in Spain, in 1550. Her parents were rich, she loved to read and learn about Saints. As a young adult she joined a convent. She always put God first in her life and everything she did was kind and loving. 

Palm Sunday - To understand that this was a very HAPPY day for Jesus. It was the happy day that he was treated like a King. People lay down their cloaks and waved palm branches as he entered Jerusalem, they shouted Hosanna! Make a palm branch out of paper and have a parade, shout Hosanna. Color the picture for Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. Look at the Stations of the Cross and say a prayer, together as a family. Watch the Holy Tales video about Palm Sunday only a few mins long

 Stations of the Cross



 Sort and identify pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, what is the value of each? Practice counting by 1's, 5's 10's. How many nickels would it take to make 20 cents, how many dimes? How many pennies? Which coin is bigger a quarter or a nickel? Which has more value? Which one would I use to buy something that cost 25 cents? Make up some price tags, for example 4 cents, 5 cents, 7 cents, 10 cents, 12 cents, 20 cents Have your child use coins to purchase the items. If something is 7 cents discuss different ways they can purchase it....with just pennies or with a nickel and pennies. Have fun playing store/clerk.  Here is a link for a song about coins


Identify the sound of U in words, we will be focusing on short u in these phonics pages. To write U always start at the top, make a straight line and curve it near the bottom on the line to the right and then a straing line down on the right. Make sure your line down is touching the curved part, also the letters should rest on the line. Lowercase line should not go past the dotted line. Review the UG family, what words rhyme with bug? How many can you think of? Start a list of U words. Ask someone to write them down, help them sound out each word. Do they all have short u in the beginning or do some have long u like unicorn?

Storybots link link

Zug the Little Red Bug Book


Review about Frogs, where would I find a frog? Do they like wet or dry places? Are they different colors? What is their What do they eat? Did you know Mrs. Smith loves FROGS :) 

Link to a video of Pond Life - hear frogs, see frogs, turtles, bugs and even tadpoles  

Plant the pea seed in the cup with soil. Follow the steps. Water it and log what happens. How long until you see a sprout? What happened to the seed ? Link to religion  

Great video about Seeds -