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Mrs. Mailloux's Kindergarten Class News

 This is YOUR last week in Kindergarten. 

I hope this week is filled with learning and FUN. 

You all did great on your testing last week. 

Religion - Review your prayers and the importance of always being kind and loving. If you want to become a Saint you have to do things that Jesus did. If you don't remember those things, read a Bible story and you will see that He was kind, loving, patient, prayerful, helpful and always gave of HIMSELF. Try to model Jesus' behavior. 

Math - Math is all around us. We used it to tell time, we use it when we are grocery shopping, paying the bills, driving a car, fixing things, baking and cooking and so much more. Help mom or dad with a recipe in the kitchen. Help them measure out the ingredients and compare which is more/less. You also have to follow steps like what you do 1st, 2nd, 3rd. You even have to watch the time. Have fun and maybe you can tell us what you made on Wednesday's Zoom. 

Reading -  This week we are finishing our 2nd reading practice book. Make sure you are reading books and practicing spelling words. Did you read on Epic lately? Don't forget....Think about what was your favorite story that I read in Kindergarten. I will be asking you!  

Phonics - We are continuing work on short and long vowel sounds. That is still a little tricky for us. Remember, the letter sound song? When we sing the vowels AEIOU in that song we say the short vowel sounds. The long vowel sounds say their names. A clue is if there are 2 vowels together they are usually LONG and the first one says it's name. Practice reading the words and sort them. Can you think of anymore? 

Science - This is an important lesson - SUMMER SAFETY! We do lots of fun activities in the summer but if we don't follow safety rules, we can get hurt. Review the video on Let's find out  and remember to follow the rules ALWAYS! 

 Let's Find out website -


Our Log in is  kclass123 

Social Studies - We are working on a coupon book and a ribbon for Dad for Father's Day. If you want you can make a card for him too. Color the ribbon and cut it out!  Say a prayer to St. Joseph to help your dad be a GREAT dad. It's a tough job. St. Joseph was a patient and loving father to Jesus. Thank God for giving you a great dad! 

Sing this song to dad